Bill Oliver is MrHabitat – Songs for Schools, Parks, Festivals

 “Environmental Troubadour”
Time Magazine

“Clever and outspoken, one of the planet’s staunchest defenders”
Charles Alexander, Huff Post


Virginia Palmer – Photo



“The Otter Space Band pumped up kids of all ages with groovy tunes! We love their energy and lyrics!” New Braunfels Science Fest, 2018

Kerrville Folk Festival 2018 – Family Concerts & Canoe Trips
Virginia Palmer – Photo



Lloyd Doggett, US Congress
“Libby and I, with our children, now our grandchildren – grew up with some good music that came right out of Austin. Bill Oliver –  a great voice for our environment!”
— Presenting Bill US flag flown from Capitol Building in DC  (not a pizza!)

“Austin Montessori School has been known to burst out singing
Bill Oliver’s song ‘Have to Have a Habitat’.”