The title song moves through the program one or two verses (“habitats”) at a time. Lively audience participation numbers such as “Friend of the River” and “Recycle City” bring up students to the stage for instant musical skits. “A Food Chain Medley” leads into a ballad about endangered species: “Turtle Island.” A beach party skit featuring “Humuhumu–” turns into a beach clean up. Several other songs are included to customize the program for the particular school/age group. Program closes with final verse and refrain from “Habitat” and “This Land is Your Land.”

Pursuit : Glenn '68Huck Finn in Texas

Song & slide program about my journey on the Mississippi River in 1968. I went from Hannibal, Mo, back to Texas on the home made raft, “Pursuit.” Traveling with UT Arlington college buddy, and fellow songwriter Glen Alyn, we revisited the Mark Twain adventure, and created our own. This program is best for older primary and up, in smaller groups and venues, such as a school library. Topics include geography, American literature and folk music, history, civics, ecology, and perhaps most importantly: motivation and self-confidence. A discussion period at the end gives the students an opportunity to interact with the performer/narrator. This program can be extended into a longer “workshop” format.


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