Bill Oliver “Environmental Troubadour”
Time Magazine

Clever and outspoken, this folk singer and environmental activist from Austin, remains one of the planet’s staunchest defenders.
— Charles Alexander, Huffington Post

Austin Montessori School has been known to burst out singing Bill Oliver’s song “Habitat”.  Thank you Bill for your inspiring and awesome music. You make us all dance.
Austin Montessori School, 2018

The Otter Space Band pumped up kids of all ages with groovy tunes at New Braunfels Science Fest! We love their energy and wacky lyrics, and the kids do too!
New Braunfels Science Fest, 2018

Thanks to all-but especially Bill Oliver and the City of Austin Cultural Arts Programs for the wonderful Mother Earth Festival. We would not miss the festival for the world.
Barton Hills Elementary, 2018

Oliver weaves his lessons with skill and artistry … we’re filing it next to our Pete Seeger albums.
Parent Wise Magazine, Austin

Bill brings fun to serious topics. When children sing, they remember it.
Village Elementary School, Georgetown, Texas

It was a rare treat for the children to experience and you really understand kids – it was a great show!  
Houston Elementary, Austin

Thank you for creating and inviting us to a program that promotes the spirit of learning and teaches appreciation for science and Mother Nature. We also got to listen to some fun music that was quite entertaining – The Otter Space Band!
Sanchez Elementary, Austin

I have some second grade students who adore “Habitat” and are creating choreography for the song!
Cambridge Friends School, Cambridge, MA

Enjoy educational activities, music and games at the Mother Earth Festival. Kids have the opportunity to learn about Austin’s watershed system, the animals that inhabit Lady Bird Lake and Barton Creek, and you’ll get a chance to make your very own Barton Springs salamander sock puppet.
Austin Woman: Things You Must Do This Month

Our guest is a popular musician who entertains with lively songs that deliver ecological messages. Bill Oliver has been listed in the Texas Commission on the Arts Touring Roster and honored for his efforts to educate children about environmental issues by the City of Austin.
Texas A&M University – San Antonio. Early Childhood Program

Bill Oliver is simply one of the most enthusiastic, joyful, and positive forces in the world of music today.”
Peter Yarrow

“Bill Oliver: A combination of Smokey Bear and Chuck Berry!”
Pratt Museum, Homer, Alaska (not a real bear)
Photo by: Mavis Mueller